Dr. M J Mohan

Chairman MVJ Group of Institutions

"We prepare our children for a new world by thinking harder about how they are being educated"

We reinvent ourselves for four reasons

  • Early education matters
  • Progress in understanding the brain
  • Future generations enter a very different world than we did, and
  • Teaching practices that are changing to support these developments.

We believe in the tremendous transformative power called education that is what we strive for here at MVJ International School. We also strongly align to an educational paradigm that focuses on empowering students with appropriate life skills and a sound knowledge domain bearing particular relevance in the context of a globalized world. Children are encouraged to look beyond the walls of the classroom and develop the global perspective on life that has become the hallmark of our School.

Located in the heart of Bangalore, India's intellectual hub, MVJIS offers an education that is holistic combined with high-quality facilities for academics and also extend beyond the limits of the academic curriculum.