Middle Stage: Grade 6,7 and 8

This group consist of students between the age group 11 – 14.It will introduce the students to the more abstract concepts in subjects

Hands-on experiential learning approach for conceptual understanding, also encouraging learners to explore topics across disciplines for holistic understanding (inter-disciplinary approach).

Experiential learning is followed to build conceptual understanding and skills.

This process involves guided practice, reflection, observation, evaluation. Also, accelerates learning, improves retention because it amalgamates all domains of learning – cognitive, psychomotor and affective in the learning process.

At MVJIS student’s languages such English, Kannada & Hindi

NCERT books are followed.

Activities based on the21stcentury skills -Critical thinking, Communication, Collaboration and Creativity is followed at MVJIS

Celebrations of all the festivals of national importance as well as state wise are an utmost priority in any educational institution. AT MVJ, we focus on the holistic development of the students, hence we give equal opportunity to each one of them by involving them in the activities related to the celebrations. They actively take part with full vigor and enthusiasm playing the various roles and parts being assigned to them. All these happens under the able guidance and training of the teachers who collectively work towards it.